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This is scary! You've done a great job building tension with really good pacing. I hope you do some more like this.

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When  I see that black hand behind the cupboard my mind said "Headphones not Recommended"!

I cant sleep now....


I fkin ha.....

Loved watching your reaction! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


È la stessa idea che ho in mente per un corto  A cui sto cercando di è più difficile del previsto. Complimenti per il gioco ,ho fatto un piccolo video.

Thank you!

Short but sweet. Hope that you make longer games in this format because you might have something going on over here. 

The only thing I found to be annoying was the ending jumpscare. It sabotages the entire feeling of dread that was built up to that point. Maybe you can try some alternatives to this instead of going the good ol' jumpscare route. 

All the best!

so short horror and intense


So short

it was pretty good ngl

Really like it but i wish it was longer and have more scares!!! But still a great game tho :)

great game I just wish it was more of a jump scare at the end but overall a great game good job.


My Horror Experience:

Okay... this looks like a good game :D

Huh... alright, I'll sleep ;-;


WhO oPeNeD mAh DoOr

:ooo A BALL

Well uh... sorry T - T I'm try'nna sleep right now


Okay, where's the ball...

Oop- I saw a black thing behind the closet ;-;



Put the desk back - , - I spent like 2 hours cleaning my room today


Okay... where's the closet now? T , T

StAhP sTeAlInG mY sTuFf OkAy >:O

Why did my screen go black = . =






Well uh... I didn't have the volume on in the first place XD

it was so much better wt the volume and XD)))

Ah yes, but I'd prefer not to die at the moment

bro stop  with all that ";-;" stuff



Deleted post

Good for you :D Hope you enjoyed it!

Deleted post


although I might be dead inside

I find being made artificially powerless with no explanation is just frustrating and alienating so it is hard to be immersed. just my opinion


Thanks for the criticism. This was the second game I made in Unity, so didn't really know how to do character movement but I still wanted to make a horror game. I can see how it didn't work for you though


I like the game! good job!

Thank you!

this video has all itch io games i made video on in 2020 including this one. I also wanna say thanks for the game and good luck for future projects. #hellofajourney 

my discord:


This game was a terrific entry for the 2-Minute Horror Game Jam: it is simple, minimalistic, eery and above all, terrifying. I hate that you can't get out of bed to run or hide!  The game forces me to act against my better judgement! I don't want to sleep because of the thing in the room that haunts my every waking moment. Great job! 

Gameplay starts @ 26:00

It was a cool game maybe you could add more to it. It was that scary maybe make the guy at the end jump at you or something



MY REVIEW:  from beginning to just before the end all jumpscares were good not that terrifying but yeah they were pretty cool and spooky. it did gave me goosebumps whenever i saw like the hand and the shadow. it was just like paranormal activity but pixelated . only 1 thing that i hated the most was the ending  when monster pops up. u could have made a really scary human-ish ghost in the like human but completely torn or with heavy amount of wounds. well overall i loved the game, Thank you very much.


Thank you for constructive criticism! I agree with you about the end part: it definitely needs more work. I'm glad that everything else before it was spooky though!

yeah some horror games don't really need any monsters or ghosts. the scary activities in the game makes them horrifying.

l cant do

Show post...

I cant sleep now

Gameplay BR

This game was amazing!

Thank you for playing! I enjoyed watching the video.


I was very confused with what was going on it was a bit confusing at first and originally it was a bit spooky. But as it went on that feeling went away and it just became cliché and the "jumpscare" was a  bit of a let down. You had a good idea if there was more time put into this game it could have been a lot better. So overall good idea but poor execution, I encourage everyone to play this on your own because this is just my opinion.

Thank you for the feedback! This was the first horror game I ever made, so I'm trying to make improvements for my next game.

Well keep working and improving 

Good work! Keep improving :). Maybe when you go to sleep there's a timer, and if you don't press the button it automatically wakes you up? Good stuff, sound was nice!

Pretty spooky. It's kinda funny how little your character cares xD

Yeah, originally I intended the mechanic to be hiding under the covers, but I rushed it so now it's sleeping!

I remember the movie Little Monsters (1989)

A short but fun horror game. Good work!

Thank you!

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A lot of things happened in those 2 minutes. This was a quick little horror game that I enjoyed fully. Thanks for the spooks. I included this game in a video which I will link below if you are interested in seeing my reaction. Gameplay starts at 26:17

Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed playing!

Im Sleepy

Short but nice game

Thank you!


Ending leaves much to be desired in opinion.

As well as it wasn't really that scary, just unnerving around  middle of the game.

It looked nice but wasn't  well executed.


I appreciate all feedback, negative and positive. I wasn't trying to make the game traditionally scary, more unnerving like you mentioned. I do agree that the ending could use a lot work. This is the first horror game I have made, so I'm looking to improve a lot. I'm actually making another (longer) horror game right now; I would love to see if you think I improved!


You've already started off great!  I'm sure you will do great just based on your reaction. Although I didn't say that to get a reaction out of you if  you were thinking that. 

For me you certainly succeeded with making  me a bit nervous. 

The new game I am sure to try to play it, I assume it will also be in browser? 

In this game were you looking for more of a springtrap jumpscare? From that one where he just does this scary walk up to the camera? That's a very scary approach for some people, but for others it might not work as well.  For sure, I cannot wait to play the next game!

I love it!!

Thank you!


Nice little game. Expected more of a jump scare, though XD (Game starts at 8:55)

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan. Thank you!


Thanks for the video! I definitely need to work on my jumpscares; this is my first horror game!


make it fast i need a make video from it

its nice

Thank you!

your welcome buddy make more and send for me i very liket


Interesting...but if that happened to me, my gun would have been drawn at the first sign of me knowing I wasn't alone when I should be. I wouldn't have shrugged it off and go back to sleep as if it wouldn't bother me. Again, it was interesting, everything including the noises were unnerving for that setting except the jumpscare. My personal opinion is that the jumpscare character could have been scarier.

Thanks for your feedback! I actually designed the game around the idea that you're hiding under your covers, but I rushed to finish it for game jams, so it turned out as "Can't Sleep". I agree with you about the jumpscare; this was the first horror game I ever made, so I will be improving things in the next game I make!

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