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That was pretty scary, really enjoyed :D


Thank you for your comment!


I had chills after playing the game, I'll never post too many memes now...


Thanks for playing, I liked the video!

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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my video here (the game is the 2d there):


1. The spooks were pretty cool, I especially liked that you cut off the escape routes. Even though the player can not move, that was terrifying.

2. The pacing was cool. I love how the game manipulated the way the player looked so something would happen in the different direction. That is a nice game deisgn)


1. Maybe it would be cool to see the monster more, to see it come closer to you. Maybe it would be awesome if there was a spook involving your blanket (like something under it like in the old Grudge).

2. It was really strange that all this stuff happens and the main character just tries to fall asleep again and again. No panic, no second thoughts, no screams. Maybe you can consider explaining the lore a bit more at the start, for example you could use the sleep paralysis concept making the player hide from spooks by closing their eyes or something like that.


Enjoyed that a lot! It gave me good bit of spooks so I am happy) Still, I think the whole concept is a bit weird and unexplained that is why I rate the game 4/5 for creativity but 5/5 for gameplay because it was good. The game has so much potential! I would like to see more projects from you and I hope my rating will help you in your jams!

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thank you so much! Your feedback and video were awesome! I want to see what else I can do with this kind of game, definitely a longer game! 

Very similar to Try Not To Fall Asleep. Great game and sound design.


I had never heard of the game before, but looking at it now it does seem like a more polished version of my game. Thanks for the feedback!

interesting game, a bit short, but still very good. do you have any more games or are you planning anything in future? please let me know and keep up with making these games :)

btw if you are interested, here is my video:


I am planning on making more small games for game jams over the summer. If I'm feeling up to it I might make a more polished, longer game. A longer horror game could be really interesting!

yes I would be happy to see longer games :)

I uploaded my LetsPlay in Japanese! It was short but its probably nice size for quick horror. :)

Thanks for playing! I enjoyed hearing your reaction to my horror game! :D

Here's my take for the game... It was pretty cool, wish it was longer tho!


Thanks, I liked the video! This game was a submission to the Two Minute Horror Jam, so my game had to be played in two minutes or less.

Ah, got it. so that's why it's short. Looking forward for ur next game!

The anticapation leading up to the jumpscare was way more terrifying than the actual jumpscare istelf lol

I can agree with that as well. Jumpscares are difficult! As you can see I mostly worked on all of that anticipation.

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Thanks for playing, I enjoyed the video!

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good creepy

Thanks for playing!

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Haha ghost-buddy just wants to play kickball with us! :D And then maybe it's death time

YOUTUEBR: Maya, The Bubble E1
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Thanks for playing my game, it's really awesome to watch!


I do not like horror games and I will never ever like horror games again thanks to you but I still very much do like your game.

Sorry I ruined horror games for you XD


LOOOL. It's amazing!!!!!!

Thank you!


I  like that you can't wake back up until after a certain noise is played. Nice touch!


lovely little horror! Game starts at 14:06

Thanks for playing my game!

Boa, first I tought oh yeah another one of these "i post my game in every jam that comes up..." but hey as I read the title of those jam... You actually nailed all for of them I guess ;-)

Thanks :D I was making the game for two game jams and then I found two more that fit my game.


You perfectly matched my fear man, good job!

Thank you!


A nice horror game! It's super scary when I saw someone behind the cabinet.

Thanks, I worked really hard on it!


Amazing game dev :D i wish it was longer , i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you! This game was submitted for the Two-Minute Horror Jam, so couldn't make it much longer :D I always enjoy seeing people play my games! 

Thank you :D

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Every sound in this game is frightful, I can still feel it  . opening door, walking around,knockin' window, sooo creepy.  That's why i really like this game. 

I spent a long time recording and editing my own sound effects, and it seems to have paid off! Thanks for the feedback!


Nice and short horror game ! Well done. 

Thank you! I enjoyed the video a lot!

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