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Really cool! :)



Thank you!

2 minutes well spend. thank you 

here is a small playthrough


cool game! i love the suspense! my only advice is to spice up the monster design, then you've got yourself a 10/10 !


Thank you! I have no experience in 3D modeling, so this was my best shot in the little time I made it. I agree, it is quite amateur!


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Wow! Awesome game dude! This actually inspired my game that I'm submitting to the two min game jam. So... Thank you! lol


Awesome, thank you! I'd love to see the game you make! Share it here so I can see it when you're done


Sorry dude. Sadly, I didn't make it in time for the jam. Apparently, starting your game a 1 day before the jam closes is "to late". 

Plus the game didn't quite feel right so I wont be releasing it for now. Still, I really like the idea your game gave me. So, if I do retry it, I'll leave it here. 

Good luck on your developer adventure and thanks again for the awesome game you made! (:

Pretty creepy, I like the monster's design and how the room gets messed up, but feel like the build up was a bit too fast (likely due to the 2 minute timeframe though).

It's the 3rd game I played in the video.

Thanks for playing! I definitely agree with your feedback. This was my first horror game, so I still have much to learn!

I like how this 2 minute horror game is better than almost any horror game I have ever played!

Wow, thank you so much! :D

I liked it it was fun to play

the sounds and the details were so good !

Thank you! I worked really hard on on the sound effects

I enjoyed your game, especially the creepy details. The ball rolling in the beginning was very unnerving!

Thank you! I worked hard on that part :D

Fun game! Loved the shadow person going behind the closet and the subtle other detals, even the footsteps when you close your eyes and the door squeak. Sent chills everywhere and was spooky. And the mechanic of having to close your eyes even though you know something might pop up was very well implemented and made it that much more spooky. Great little game!

Thank you for the feedback and making the video; I appreciate it!

Really liked it, was just ominous enough to keep you on your toes, but also creepy enough to keep you scared.

Thank you for the feedback!

No problem, keep doing what your doing!

I love the idea of it. But i think the jumpscare couldve been better. Still a well made game tho!

Game starts @17:26

Thank you for playing! I agree about the jumpscare, I'm still very new to horror games so I have much to learn!

i really like the  submission on this game jam :D

Thank you!

So far the best one of the jam games I've played.

Thank you so much!

I had fun experiencing this game, i think the scares are more effective with the subtle little aspects like in this game. (give my elaborate opinion at the end of the video if you're interested).

Thank you for your feedback! I definitely enjoyed creating the psychological horror of this game rather than the weak jumpscare at the end. 


we need  more games like this honestly. this is the kind of horror that actually creeps me out. great game

Thank you so much!

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Fun video! I played a few game jam games for a video today!

I loved seeing your reaction! Nice video!

No problem! Your game was fun!


It was nice. I didn't know I put myself to sleep at first and thought I broke the game. 

Thanks! I enjoyed the video!

This was pretty good. A bit short but that was the jam :)





SKIP TO 27:29!!!

Thanks for playing!

This was a great game! The setting and the immobility made this a great experience for me and was indeed scary :) I played this in my video and all I have to say is this: great work and keep it up! Can't wait to see more from you!

Thank you for the video and the feedback!

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This was good, you actually gave me goosebumps sir.

Your game starts at 16:47

Thanks for playing! Glad I could give you a little spook!

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I loved the game really well made hoping for a longer one soon  with the same style like this  do enjoy the video and feel free to subscribe

Is this game 32bit? My pc with 64bit needs a repair. 

I'm not sure, but I would assume that it's 64 bit. Maybe you can still play it on the web?

Thanks! I'd love to make a longer game like this one!

Really enjoyed this game! Played it as part of a multi game video! Its the first one!

Thanks so much! Your video was really enjoyable!

Thanks! I am glad you liked the video :) Best of luck! I hope you continue to make great games and I will be looking out for what you come up with next!

was scary. I can't sleep.


Thanks for playing! I loved hearing your reactions!

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Guys it was a blast playing these 3 games!, can't sleep was rather short but at the same time very enjoyable.

Thanks for playing! I loved seeing your reactions to the game! The game was so short because it was made for the Two Minute Horror Jam, so the game had to played in only around two minutes. I hope to make a longer experience like this in the future :)

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Thank you for the feedback! This is my first horror game, so I definitely struggled trying to make a good jumpscare. I agree that it was pretty weak.

I was scared :)


Awesome! Hope I provided the two minute spook you were looking for!

nice game (starts at 18:40)


Thanks for playing and making the video! You're the first person in a video to notice the shadow on the wall from the lightning in! :D

That was pretty scary, really enjoyed :D


Thank you for your comment!


I had chills after playing the game, I'll never post too many memes now...


Thanks for playing, I liked the video!

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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my video here (the game is the 2d there):


1. The spooks were pretty cool, I especially liked that you cut off the escape routes. Even though the player can not move, that was terrifying.

2. The pacing was cool. I love how the game manipulated the way the player looked so something would happen in the different direction. That is a nice game deisgn)


1. Maybe it would be cool to see the monster more, to see it come closer to you. Maybe it would be awesome if there was a spook involving your blanket (like something under it like in the old Grudge).

2. It was really strange that all this stuff happens and the main character just tries to fall asleep again and again. No panic, no second thoughts, no screams. Maybe you can consider explaining the lore a bit more at the start, for example you could use the sleep paralysis concept making the player hide from spooks by closing their eyes or something like that.


Enjoyed that a lot! It gave me good bit of spooks so I am happy) Still, I think the whole concept is a bit weird and unexplained that is why I rate the game 4/5 for creativity but 5/5 for gameplay because it was good. The game has so much potential! I would like to see more projects from you and I hope my rating will help you in your jams!

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thank you so much! Your feedback and video were awesome! I want to see what else I can do with this kind of game, definitely a longer game! 

Very similar to Try Not To Fall Asleep. Great game and sound design.


I had never heard of the game before, but looking at it now it does seem like a more polished version of my game. Thanks for the feedback!

interesting game, a bit short, but still very good. do you have any more games or are you planning anything in future? please let me know and keep up with making these games :)

btw if you are interested, here is my video:


I am planning on making more small games for game jams over the summer. If I'm feeling up to it I might make a more polished, longer game. A longer horror game could be really interesting!

yes I would be happy to see longer games :)

I uploaded my LetsPlay in Japanese! It was short but its probably nice size for quick horror. :)

Thanks for playing! I enjoyed hearing your reaction to my horror game! :D

Here's my take for the game... It was pretty cool, wish it was longer tho!


Thanks, I liked the video! This game was a submission to the Two Minute Horror Jam, so my game had to be played in two minutes or less.

Ah, got it. so that's why it's short. Looking forward for ur next game!

The anticapation leading up to the jumpscare was way more terrifying than the actual jumpscare istelf lol

I can agree with that as well. Jumpscares are difficult! As you can see I mostly worked on all of that anticipation.

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Thanks for playing, I enjoyed the video!

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