Roll the ball to the yellow portal at the end of each level.

There are 3 levels total.

Use the arrows keys to move

R key to restart the level

My first game in Unity!

Made withUnity
Tags3D, Singleplayer


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wow! this is really cool! thank you for this gift of a game,  <3<3<3

What an awesome first game! I especially loved the second level where you use physical boards to get across gaps!! A great twist on the basic Roll-a-ball tutorials!

Thank you so much!

Its always nice to have a 3d one in the mix. Had a blast with this one. You did an outstanding job!

Thank you! This was my first game in Unity.

I had a hole lot of fun playing your game

Glad you enjoyed it!

I had a lot of fun!

Pretty cool levels, a bit too hard at first but I went all to way to the end. It was a fun experience

Yeah, sorry about the first level! Thanks for sticking until the end, I really appreciate the positive feedback!

Nice! Glad you're getting into Unity! It's by far my favourite engine. This ball rolling game is a bit of a classic, but with a challenging twist! Challenging being the key word here, I still haven't beat the first level! You must be a better gamer than I, sir, because this is mega hard for me! Really looking forward to seeing what you make with Unity next! (tip: think big and outside the box. Procedural is cool too.)


Wow, thank you! I wasn't expecting to get any comments on this little project. I did accidentally make the first level too hard, sorry! Thanks for the feedback!